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Powder coating


Compared to conventional paints, the advantages of electro-staical powder coatings are widespread. Hardness, adhesive properties, corrosion - temperature and chemical resistance are much higher than with conventional paints. Due to the electrostatical coating process, difficult accesible areas can be coated.

The powder coatings at LMC-Couplings are available in different coulors according to the European marking system, so it's the ideal way of identifying your hose.  


Electro-statical powder.


  1.  Branding.
  2.  Good mechanical resistant due to increased hardness.
  3.  Ozon resistant.
  4.  Pliable.
  5.  Good corrosion and temperature resistant.
  6.  Better chemical resistance.
  7.  One protective layer = 40-150 µm.

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