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Guillemin couplings

Guillemin coupling


Guillemin couplings are used for pressure and suction delivery of liquids, such as powders and granulates. LMC's guillemin couplings are symmetric couplings designed in compliance with EN 14420-8.


Coupling: aluminium heat treated and stainless steel AISI 316 - 1.4401.

Seal: NBR black (standard for stainless steel and aluminium), NBR white (FDA approved), EPDM white, FPM green and PTFE white. 


  1.  Worm drive clamps
  2.  Band clamps
  3.  RK safety clamps complying with EN 14420-3
  4.  Flexoline safety clamps
  5.  Swage ferrules for helical hose shank
  6.  Butt welding

Quality testing

Guillemin couplings are often submitted to heavy handling impact when loading and unloading liquids and solids. These couplings are therefore subject to more demanding testing methods than other couplings.

LMC's guillemin couplings undergo a number of tests executed by our R&D department. In addition to our own testing methods, we also use the latest gauges specified by the European EN 14420-8 standard. The following properties are tested:

  •  lugs
  •  locking ring
  •  material test
  •  dimensions
  •  quality finishing 

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