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Chemaline 2000


For highly corrosive chemicals, LMC-Couplings offers his customers industrial hose couplings with improved PTFE lining. This unique lining process is totally handled at LMC's production facilities. Where conventional materials like brass, bronze, aluminium and even stainless steel are sometimes unsatisfactory in chemical resistance and/or working pressure, stainless steel couplings with Chemaline 2000 (ATEX) are often the perfect technical solution. 




Due to this improved PTFE, the application possibilities of Chemaline 2000 are wider than conventional PTFE:

  1.  Substantially lower deformation under load.
  2.  Lower permeation due to denser polymer structure and fewer voids.
  3.  FDA compliant.
  4.  Smoother surface finishes and excellent cleanability.
  5.  Higher transparency.
  6.  Higher barrier properties due to lower permeability.