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European air couplings

European air coupling


LMC's european air couplings are heavy-duty couplings manufactured in compliance with DIN 3489.
European air couplings are used for air and water applications and should never be used for steam applications.


Coupling: galvanized steel and stainless steel AISI 316 - 1.4401.

Seal: NBR.


Two-bolt saddle clamps and worm drive clamps.

***Easy solution*** European air crimp couplings

LMC-Couplings has designed an European air crimp coupling with longer hose shank and double collar. The perfect solution to easily fit our EA coupling in your hose!

***Safety first*** European air safety couplings

The safety version of LMC's European air couplings is similar to the European DIN 3489 standard for air couplings, but with addition of a safety locking pin for extra security. 

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