Contributing to a sustainable future

Sustainability can't be pursued by optimizing just one company procedure or by setting a single goal for the future. That's why LMC-Couplings has set some goals. Many smaller goals contribute to a sustainable future.

This future however can’t be achieved unless both LMC-employees and partners are on the same page. LMC-Couplings counts on customers and suppliers to join forces in pursuing the predefined goals.

1. Strengthen society:

  • Reduce lost time incidents by 50%;
  • Engage 40% of employees in an annual calendar of campaigns topromote health and wellbeing;
  • Implement regional community volunteering programs that engage 40% of employees;
  • 5% of workforce employed on formal development contracts.

2. Influence change:

  • Develop Supplier Sustainability Code and audit 20% of suppliers’ base;
  • Collaborate with suppliers to reduce shipping mileage of LMC orders by 20%;
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers to reduce waste.

3. Drive efficiency:

  • Generate or purchase 50% of electricity from renewable sources;
  • Reduce energy consumption by 20%;
  • Reduce water withdrawal from utility sources by 10%;
  • 80% of non-hazardous waste diverted from landfill;
  • Reduce number of liters for transport by turnover by 10%;
  • Obtain ISO 14001 certification.

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