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Flange couplings

flange couplings


Flange hose couplings are used to connect rubber, pvc and thermoplastic hoses. It is fitted to such hoses using a hose shank couplings, which is inserted into the hose. The hose shank may be smooth, in compliance with EN 14420-2, or serrated with collar.


Coupling: stainless steel AISI 316 - 1.4401 or galvanized steel for the swivel and fixed flange couplings. Polypropylene swivel flange couplings are available on request.

Seal: novatec PREMIUM II or GORE Universal Pipe Seal (UPG) Style 800. 


  1.  RK and RKP safety clamps in compliance with EN 14420-3.
  2.  Flexoline safety clamps.
  3.  HRRK swage ferrules.
  4.  HRP swage ferrules.
  5.  Worm drive, band or bolted clamps.

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