Reach statement

LMC-Couplings NV has a lasting commitment to sustainable development. We subscribe to the objectives of the Reach legislation EC 1907/2006, as it aims to maximize transparency of information and to minimize the use of harmful substances. The goal is to enhance both human health and the environment.

LMC-Couplings NV predominantly manages the supply of finished articles and as such we have identified our compliance responsibilities to be those of distributor, importer and downstream user. All necessary actions to ensure compliance within our supply chain have been taken.

  • LMC-Couplings NV maintains extensive contact with our suppliers to ensure that any necessary registration and classification of substances has been done upstream;
  • LMC-Couplings NV is working with production facilities and suppliers to ensure that sure all articles will remain available throughout the entire Reach implementation;
  • If, in the future, any substances used in LMC-Couplings NV products are added to the Substances of Very High Concern list (SVHC) or to the Registry of Intentions, we will make sure that appropriate substitutions of that substance is made with immediate effect;
  • Information about the potential use of any hazardous substances in our articles will be transparent and readily available.
In case you have specific questions concerning Reach, please don't hesitate to contact us.