LMC introduces Rotapoint couplings

Good quality for the best possible price

Price adjustment

At LMC-Couplings we don't want to offer the cheapest possible product. We want to offer good quality products for the best possible price. Therefore we need to adjust our prices from time to time. 

Currently we made some price adjustments on our flange couplings (some prices increase, others decrease) and we are planning to check other price levels too in the near future. This may lead to price changes, so please always ask for the current valid price and check your order confirmations in order to avoid "surprises" (good ones are nice, bad ones are not so pleasant to deal with).

Once we finished everything, we will send a new pricelist to all our customers. Meantime, we'd like you to profit about the decreased prices already! Don't hesitate to contact us for your current valid pricelist.