FIXP band clamps


FIXP band clamps are designed in compliance with DIN 3017, and are used to assemble all kind of industrial hoses.

In case of smaller hose dimensions a single band clamp is used. For larger hose diameters the use of two bold clamps is recommended. 



Clamp: W1 galvanized steel band and W4 stainless steel AISI 304 - 1.4301.

Bushing: zinc plated Q235LL (steel clamps) and W4 stainless steel AISI 304 - 1.4301.

Screw: zinc plated 8.8 (steel clamps) and stainless steel A.2 - galvanized (stainless steel clamps).

Bridge: W1 galvanized steel plated (steel clamps) and stainless steel 304 - 1.4301 (stainless steel clamps).  


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