LMC-Couplings wants to be your partner, rather than your supplier. Our service doesn't end when the box has been shipped. We want to be there every step of the way to help your business grow. 

That’s why the LMC-Couplings Training Center provides targeted training programs to share the knowledge with your employees to make them understand the ins and outs of hoses and couplings.


During the training sessions, our experienced product specialists will focus on general product information, safe and correct hose assembly and the latest standards. We aim for every technician working with LMC-Couplings, to be an expert user of our products. This will result in more safety and self-assurance among your staff, which will undoubtedly be noticed by your customers.

LMC academy

Onsite training

The LMC-Couplings Training Center also offers training onsite. This reduces travel time and costs for your employees, but even more important: your employees will be in their own environment and will have their own equipment at hand. To have a trainer onsite will mean customized sessions, based on the specific needs and questions of your staff.

LMC partnership

Discover the advantages of our partnership

By working closely together, we find an integral solution to every question.

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LMC academy

Become an expert user at the LMC-Academy

We aim for every technician who works with products of LMC-Couplings, to be an expert user.

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